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beenden po angielsku:

1. to finish to finish

I have to finish this task!
When are you going to finish painting the wall?

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DE-330 Verbs - 101-200
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2. break up break up

We decided to break up.
I think Tommy and Carly are going to break up soon. They've been arguing so much.
I find it really hard to break up with
Schools break up in mid-July.
Schools break up on the 23rd for Christmas.
I break up with Ania.
break up the fight
Why did the Beatles break up?
They had to break up the party because of the neighbours’ complaints.
(usually no object; with an object, break up with [inseparable)]): end a personal relationship; "Tim and Julie aren't going steady any more. They got really angry with each other and broke up."
After five years of being with each other, they decided to break up
Schools break up for the summer holiday tomorrow.
Sorry to break up the party, but I have to go.
So when do the children break up for Christmas?
stop for holidays (of schools, etc.)/When do you break up for you summer holidays?

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