słownik niemiecko - angielski

Deutsch - English

beginnen po angielsku:

1. commence commence

Our dean commenced celebrating the anniversary.
When the festival commences, there will be a huge firework display over the city.
My client will have no choice but to commence proceedings against you.
The 24-hour delivery period commences the minute you e-mail your order.
The school commenced in 2011 with 200 Year 9 students.
commence the audit
the battle has commenced
Shh! The film is going to commence.
The conference will commence at 10 o'clock.
will commence in two minutes.
If RTCIS requests a new solution after picking has commenced, APAL will not re-work anything that has been picked.
I commence doing my scientific research this summer.
The meeting will commence.
The conference will commence in due course.

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2. commencing commencing

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3. to start to start

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4. to begin to begin

to begin the meeting
I think it's time to begin.

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