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ehefrau po angielsku:

1. wife wife

How's your wife?
The bus had left by the time my wife finished dressing.
I'm your wife and I like to look nice to please you.
My daughter has grown into a dress my wife used to wear.
How are you and your wife doing, now that the birds have all flown the coop?
If my wife calls, just tell her I'm in an important meeting and cannot be disturbed.
When his wife heard of his violent death, she was beside herself with grief.
If it had not been for his wife, he would not have changed his job.
This necklace is so beautiful that I'd like to buy in for my wife.
None of us want to go, but either you or your wife has to go.
The relationship between husband and wife should be based on love.
There is milk all over the kitchen floor because my wife broke the bottle.
After getting married, my wife put on five pounds.
When his wife died, he received dozens of letters of sympathy.
From the first moment I saw her I knew - she is my future wife.

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