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bajar po angielsku:

1. to go down to go down

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2. get off get off

I’m always happy to get off the plane at the end of a flight.
Everyone had to get off the bus and present their documents to the policemen.
get off the table
The bus driver made the man get off the bus because he was disturbing the other passengers. / Get off the bike and come eat dinner. / Please get your shoes off the dining room table. / What time do you get off work?
Anyone doesn't want to, can get off. / 2. Okay, everybody get off. / 3. Get off the bus or I'm calling the cops.
It's our bus stop! Let's get off!
We'll try and get off straight after lunch.
how did he get off
I should be able to get off at 5.
Can you get off a bit earlier this afternoon?
To get to the train station you have to get off at fifth stop.
Why didn't you get off the bus? Get off that wet shirt.
When you get off the bus, cross the street, turn right on Oak Street, and keep going until you're at the corner of Oak and Lincoln Boulevard.
What time did they get off? We have to get off early in the morning before the traffic gets heavy.
I didn’t know at which bus stop I had to get off so I was late.

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