słownik hiszpańsko - angielski

español - English

barato po angielsku:

1. inexpensive inexpensive

Can you recommend an inexpensive hotel?
This hamburger is inexpensive for a Japanese hamburger.
I'd like inexpensive seats, if possible.
Tom and Mary furnished their house with inexpensive furniture.
Tom bought a bunch of inexpensive cameras to give to children who lived in his neighborhood.
I'd like to rent your most inexpensive car for a week.
I'd like the most inexpensive room you have for four nights.
In Paris, I stayed at an inexpensive hotel.
This TV is inexpensive.
Let`s buy that watch, it`s quite inexpensive.
The clothes here are fashionable but inexpensive.
I'd like to buy a new phone which is also fairly inexpensive.
This woderful hotel was quite inexpensive so we decided to stay there
Everyone says the food in this restaurant is both delicious and inexpensive.
Expensive is not always better than inexpensive.

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2. cheap

Wow! That's cheap!
Would you please stop singing so loudly? This is not a cheap drinking place.
Imogen of the Internet has only been photographed by cheap webcams and cell phones.
Real happiness comes cheap; if it's expensive, it's not of a good type.
Cheap apartment houses are multiplying rapidly.
I often see cheap accessories made of agate sold in street stalls and such but are they the real thing?
This is not some cheap Izakaya, so we don't accept that customers sing loudly.
Pocket calculators are as cheap to buy as a pair of socks, and as essential to thousands of British school children as a pencil and eraser.
She's so cheap that she uses tea bags three times before she throws them away.
In the midst of the dollar falling hard against the Yen and other major Eastern currencies the Chinese Yuan, with China effectively taking a 'dollar peg' policy, has become cheap.
Great as is the sensuous beauty of gems, their rarity and price adds an expression of distinction to them, which they would never have if they were cheap.
The best campsites aren’t so cheap for a family to stay at, but the services are often worth it
During times of mass unemployment, there's a pool of cheap labour for employers to draw from.
My uncle is so cheap that he'd rather walk 5 miles in the rain than call a cab.
Therefore we can spend our holidays at a cheap camp or at a more expensive one.

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