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maquillarse po angielsku:

1. to put make up on to put make up on

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2. make up make up

Some emploees make up excuses when they arrive late for work.
Do you ever make up excuses to avoid doing things you don't want to do?
i can't make up with her
Later I wished I had written to him to make up
Canadians make up only 40% of the class, the other students are from other countries.
make up
When we have an argument we always make up quickly.
I hope we'll make up after this argument.
She is good at making up stories./ Let's make up and not quarrel!/ Make up your mind!/ I will have to bring her a bar of chocolate to make up for my silly joke.
Elements of design include the various aspects that make up spaces and materials.
Children under the age of 15 make up nearly half of the country's population.
become friends again after a quarrel/I think you should make up.
Teachers hate when kids make up excuses.
If you were going to the cinema with a friend and he discovered that he hadn't enough money with him, would you be willing to make up the difference for him?
Women make up two-fifths of the British labour force.

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3. to make oneself up to make oneself up