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rechazar po angielsku:

1. refuse refuse

She will probably refuse to follow his advice, because she doesn't like him.
Tom didn't have the courage to refuse to do what Mary asked him to do.
Never choose a vocation just because your friends are in it, nor refuse another just because your worst enemy is in it.
Don't refuse me.
Most people will refuse to admit they've made a mistake.
This noise is something which I refuse to put up with.
When Sony came back with a 2 billion bid, CBS could not refuse.
When children are ordered to do a certain thing by such adult standards, they frequently refuse to follow the instructions for no other reason than that they have been told to do so.
1. That's an offer I can't refuse. / 2. You know I can't refuse you anything.
The head teacher refused the students permission to have a party in the school hall.
(turn) My neighbour refused ... down the music and I had to call the police.
Even if they refuse, you can take a bottle of good wine with you.
no business will refuse to supply a good customer. she refused a cigarette
His request was refused.
She may well refuse to speak to you because she's in a very bad mood.

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2. repulse repulse

The enemy attack was quickly repulsed.
Each time I tried to help I was repulsed.

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3. to reject to reject

Early in the game it can be common to reject and be rejected by other players.
to reject the offer

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4. disallow disallow

Decision to disallow Medicaid for second cochlea implant withdrawn.
Second goal was disallowed

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5. spurn spurn

spurn the offer
She spurned all his flattery and proposals, and so he walked off embarrassed and sad.

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