słownik hiszpańsko - angielski

español - English

tapa po angielsku:

1. lid lid

The date of manufacture is shown on the lid.
The lid won’t open. Can you help?
She carefully lifted the lid.
Sergeant, try to keep a lid on the situation until we can get more police down there.
Put the lid on and start at high flame, when it boils set to medium flame and boil for about seven minutes.
I just opened the lid, and a foul smell filled my nose.
I don't think we can keep the lid on the scandal much longer; people are bound to find out.
Have you seen the saucepan lid?
Can you get the lid off this jar? Put a lid on the saucepan.
That motherfucker stole my lid!
I designed a tank lid.
I need a lid of the pot to cook the soup.
I have something under my lid and it hurts like hell.
pen lid
powieki - eyelids

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