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confortable po angielsku:

1. cosily cosily

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2. comfortable comfortable

Make yourself comfortable.
The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself.
I feel like I'm just getting comfortable with my homemaking chores.
For comfortable weekly shopping you have to have a car.
It is high time we reconstructed new family relationships and formed a comfortable life.
His cottage is neat and comfortable; moreover, it can accommodate as many as ten people.
My room faces south, which makes it sunny and very comfortable.
In all honesty, I could not say the room allotted to me was comfortable.
There is a tendency for Japanese to want to know a certain amount of personal information about someone such as age, position and whether they are married or not, before they feel comfortable talking with a stranger.
Wherever you are, we'll provide a comfortable work environment.
The first thing that came to my attention was the large sofa. It was covered in sober coloured leather, the seat and the back both looked wide and comfortable.
Practical utility and artistic beauty combine to make a comfortable house to live in.
I don't care about fashion. I just want to feel comfortable.
Comfortable furniture, clothes, rooms, etc make you feel relaxed and do not cause any pain. If you are comfortable in a situation, you do not have any worries about it.
If you are at ease, you are feeling confident and comfortable.

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3. snug snug

Are you nice and snug in that sleeping bag?
The snow keeps the young plants snug and warm.

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4. cosy

I like your room, it's cosy in here.
We were invited into a cosy little kitchen.
but it’s really cosy."
I'm going to decorate my new flat more cosy and comfortable.
He never used the cosy chambers which the Reform...
They're not cosy, little conventional paintings
cosy room
the atmosphere in this place is very cosy
This is a very cosy little cottage.
a place that is cosy is small, comfortable, and warm
cosy atmosphere
cosy appartment, cosy chair
I moved to a small, cosy room.
It may not be a very large flat, but it is cosy and comfortable.
We regularly have dinner in that cosy Italian restaurant.

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