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fixer po angielsku:

1. to fix to fix

Who knows how to fix this?

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2. to stick to stick

We have to stick to our plan.
I forgot to stick a stamp on the letter. He moistened the stamp with his tongue before sticking it on the envelope.

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3. set up set up

set up copmany
Being a sole trader is a simplest way to set up and run a business and does not involve paying any registration fee.
"If you already use Google Wallet on your computer, or if you're setting up your Google Wallet account for the first time from your mobile device, you'll need to set up your PIN. "
1. She set up a support group for single parents. 2. The firm was set up by an American entrepreneur.
On my first day at work, everything was set up for me at my desk -- computer, chair, phone, everything.
"Set up" means "to prepare equipment or software for use". Example: The kids set up a tent during our summer camping trip.
a group of film stars set up a charity to help young people in this area
I think I'm being set up.
For many people, videoconferences are just too difficult to set up.
In which of these cities was the capitl of the USA originally set up 1) New Yourk, 2) Washington, 3) Philadelphia? The capital of the USA was originally set up in Philadelphia
whenever Community law requires the setting up of competent authorities, Gibraltar sets up its own competent authorities, distinct from those set up for the same purpose in the United Kingdom
Let's go set up some more crotch catapults so we can laugh and be heroes.
Bill and Melinda Gates set up a foundation to provide vaccinations.
Nowadays it is quite a risk to set up a new business. In The UK, 20% of businesses fail in their first year.
In 1516 King Henry VIII set up the Royal Mail for royal communications and reasons of national security.

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