słownik francusko - angielski

Français - English

maison po angielsku:

1. house house

Is this your house?
You are welcome to the use of our house while we are away on vacation.
Instead of cleaning the house today, I think I'll take a walk.
We play catch in the park near our house on Sundays.
Although her house is nearby, I seldom see her.
As soon as he felt his house shake, he rushed out into the garden.
Tom built the house himself along with the help of a few friends.
Tom claimed that he didn't know his beach house was being used for illegal activities.
I'm very particular about what kind of people I invite into my house.
We found out that the house is infested with garter snakes. They're everywhere.
It's so hot outside that I want to spend all day in my air conditioned house.
My house, which I bought ten years ago, still looks new.
I thought we had eaten everything in the house, but I found another box of crackers.
To make our house payments, we're going to have to tighten our belts.
Put on your thinking cap and try to remember whose house you slept at last night.

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