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beku po angielsku:

1. frozen

It's frozen hard.
I always buy fresh vegetables instead of frozen ones.
The children took their ice skates and made for the frozen pond.
I like not only ice creams, but also sorbet and frozen youghurt.
The sea ice is highly variable - frozen solid during cold, calm weather and broken up in large areas of open water during storms.
I hung the laundry out to dry last night and by morning it had frozen hard as a rock.
This is a layer of soil that is permanently frozen, and in some places it's many feet deep.
The lake has frozen over but I'm not sure the ice is strong enough to walk on.
To avoid spoiling, fish caught far out at sea are immediately cooled or even frozen.
Languages should not be used, for that would adulterate their beauty. Rather, they should be cryogenically frozen and observed in silence.
They say that since it was bitterly cold in Northern Europe that winter, many people were frozen to death.
How many minutes shall I boil this frozen asparagus?
The dog buried a frozen burrito in the yard, but only halfway into the ground.
Is there any heating in here? I'm frozen!
He added a packet of frozen peas to his shopping basket.

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