słownik indonezyjsko - angielski

Bahasa Indonesia - English

faktur po angielsku:

1. invoice invoice

Please find below enclosed invoice number...
Who is responsible for issuing invoices?
The invoice will be issued immediately.
Tom admitted that he had made a mistake on the invoice.
within 30 days after the date of the invoice which they received
We have asked you repeatedly to settle your outstanding account for the invoice No.1111.
There is a problem with the invoice.
With reference to the invoice No.56789 which was due last month, we have not yet received your remittance.
This is the second mail we send you referring to the invoice No.1111 which has not been settled.
to invoice
They issued an invoice for £250.
Do you need a separate invoice for that? She copied all the information and put the invoice back.
Can I get the invoice, please?
to invoice => invoice for something; invoice someone (for something)
Our records show that the invoice No.1111 is still outstanding.