słownik indonezyjsko - angielski

Bahasa Indonesia - English

pameran po angielsku:

1. exhibition exhibition

The exhibition is now open.
His exhibition at the city museum didn't appeal to me at all.
An exhibition was given in anticipation of the Queen's visit.
Today, we received your invitation to the exhibition with pleasure.
Since unexpected incidents occurred one after another, the exhibition was called off.
At this rate, Japan will make an exhibition of itself before the world.
The exhibition has drawn much attention from the public.
You just have to see the new exhibition of Japanese sculptors. / We also have quite a few smaller art galleries, with new exhibitions and less well-known artist. In fact Desmond Morris has an exhibitioin on right now.
A new exhibition of costumes
The definition of an exhibition is a large public showing or display of art, products or athletic skills.
Such an exhibition of rudeness is absolutely unacceptable.
You can get ideas for your home at furniture exhibitions.
Would you like to go and see an exhibition of historical
He's working for the exhibition on a whole series of dolls that explain to children where babies come from today.
There's a new exhibition of sculpture on at the city gallery. an exhibition centre