słownik indonezyjsko - angielski

Bahasa Indonesia - English

rebus po angielsku:

1. boiled boiled

Chestnuts have to be boiled for at least fifteen minutes.
Water will evaporate after it is boiled.
Many foods can be boiled.
Tom boiled some eggs on the rocket stove that he had just built.
boiled eggs
She boiled over with rage at his betrayal.
Misdirected discontentment on the left and right boiled over into violent incidents across the country.
She waited until the water boiled before making the tea with it.
A long discussion boiled down to a realistic conclusion.
Our teacher told us that water boiled at 100 degrees centigrade.
The water that vegetables are boiled in can be used to make soup.
Watch out man! Your wife is boiled.
Oh gosh, you're really boiled.
Boiled potatoes are much easier to digest than terracotta potatoes.