słownik indonezyjsko - angielski

Bahasa Indonesia - English

saluran po angielsku:

1. channel channel

What is on Channel 10?
The first man that succeed in swimming the Channel was Captain Webb.
The English Channel separates England and France.
You can hear English on Channel 1, and Japanese on Channel 7.
Turn to channel 1.
The swimmer, Cindy Nicholas, barely made it ashore at Dover at the end of the exhausting swim, but a spokesman from the Channel Swimming Association announced that she was in very good shape.
Britain is separated from the Continent by the Channel.
Can I change the channel?
Man flows at once to God when the channel of purity is open.
She became the first woman to complete a two-way nonstop crossing of the channel in fifteen years.
They channelled water from the lake to the field.
channels of trade; poison is released through a channel in the snake's fangs
A lot of adverts are shown on this channel.
A one million dollars must be channelled to those people
A 19-year-old Canadian broke the world record last month for a nonstop, round-trip swim across the English Channel.