słownik włosko - angielski

italiano - English

geloso po angielsku:

1. jealous jealous

He was sick of being vilified all the time by people who were jealous of his ability.
Some people lie because they don’t want to make their friends jealous.
I'm not jealous.
Chris recognized the boy from his math class and became very jealous.
A jealous person gets a feeling of contentment by behaving like a dog in the manger even with his friends.
John doesn't want to make his friends jealous and he doesn't tell them the truth about this weekend.
Kastur was a confident girl, and Mohandas felt jealous of her because he was still very shy
When I saw him with another girlfriend I felt jealous
Now we are a good team and other teachers praise our class and are jealous of our form master’s success.
He's only talking to her to make you jealous.
Anna says she feels jealous every time another woman looks at her boyfriend.
Brian’s girlfriend likes talking to Fred, and Brian is jealous.
I think you're a little jealous. / Maybe he gave a low mark to a student or possibly it was a jealous lover.
‘My city break was amazing.’ ‘Stop, you’re making me really jealous!’
A jealous person wants what other people have.

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