słownik włosko - angielski

italiano - English

mamma po angielsku:

1. mum mum

Keep mum about this plan.
Your mum eats shit.
It’s my mum’s birthday tomorrow.
Stop begging for a cookie, Tim, his mum said, "Remember, 'Children who ask get skipped.'"
Mum, a mere woman surrounded by men, works in a construction company as a site foreman.
I love my mum.
I've been grounded because my mum is angry with me.
Having done my homework, I had a chat with Mum.
He voluntarily helped his mum clean.
Hello, Mum. Is that you?, she says.
Mum, where's Dad?
When you speak Shanghainese with your mum, I only understand a few words, so I can't join in the conversation.
Mum, why doesn't Dad clean his own study?
Mum said the same thing. But, so what? It's got nothing to do with me.
Everyone has a mum.

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