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omicidio po angielsku:

1. homicide homicide

Tom is a suspect in a homicide investigation.
He was convicted of homicide.
The definition of homicide is the deliberate and illegal murder of another person, or the department in the police agency that is authorized to investigate murders.
When a criminal murders someone, this is an example of homicide. The police department that investigates a murder is an example of homicide.
The number of homicides increased last year
In most cases, both victims and their close relatives (where the offence is homicide) may be eligible for compensation.
A friend of mine works for homicide department as an investigator...
Police are investigating a possible homicide.
What follows is physical and mental mistreatment, sexual exploitation, homicide.
We should be out there solving a homicide.
The police arrived at the scene of the homicide. 2. strategy designed to slash Mexico’s homicide rate

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