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ragazzo po angielsku:

1. boy boy

Who is this boy?
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
We are not able to put a young boy in prison.
I remember him as a cute, bright little boy.
My brother is the proud father of a new baby boy.
At first, the boy didn't pay much attention to my advice.
As a boy, I used to lie on my back on the grass and look at white clouds.
The brave fireman rescued a boy from the burning house.
Tom reminds me of a boy I used to know.
From the time he was a small boy, Tom knew that he wanted to be a policeman.
We hardly had enough cake for every boy.
I am too old to swing on branches, said the boy.
I am attracted to a certain boy in my class.
If I were a boy, I could join a baseball team.
My twelve year old boy doesn't like to play baseball.

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