słownik gruzińsko - angielski

ქართული - English

უზრუნველყოფა po angielsku:

1. Provision Provision

The government is responsible for the provision of health care.
Our main objective is the provision of food and drinking water to those who need it.
According to the provisions of section 19 of the Act, all interested parties must provide notice to the Court within 30 days. A licence will be required for the provision of public entertainment at such premises.
You should be familiar with all the provisions of the contract you are just about to sign.
The provision gets here every Monday
The provisions of the Agreement shall prevail over the provision of these general conditions.
provision 3
to make provision for the future / we’ve made provision for all eventualities
I fight for provision of safe drinking water for all
That provision should therefore be deleted.
According to this provision, you need to pay him by the end of this month.
He couldn't do that under the provisions of the agreement