słownik litewsko - angielski

lietuvių kalba - English

bailiai po angielsku:

1. cowardly cowardly

He's too cowardly to realize all his ambitions.
Your cowardly behaviour disappointed me.
Tom is shy and cowardly
The world is full of cowardly people.
he was a weak, cowardly man
I know they can hear me in there, but they're too cowardly to come out.
Running away was a very cowardly thing to do.
You acted in a cowardly way
He made a cowardly decision to follow the group.
I thought he was cowardly, but he risked his life to save the little girl!
My dog is very cowardly. It's scared of other dogs.
This was a particularly brutal and cowardly attack.
There is a strong feeling in favour of cowardly and prudential proverbs.