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droogte po angielsku:

1. drought drought

There had been no rain in Australia for three months, causing a terrible drought.
Now we have a good local solution for drought.
Many peasants died during the drought.
Unless it rains in Ethiopia soon, there could be severe drought problems.
Cities and provinces along the Yangtze River in central China are grappling with the country's worst drought in more than 50 years.
When there is a drought somewhere, there's not enough rainfall. In certain areas, a drought can last for weeks, months, sometimes even years!
drought worsens Zambia`s energy crisis
The drought destroyed many fields.
The government imposed restrictions on the use of water during the summer drought.
That's what drought does.
The drought is having a catastrophic effect on farming in the region.
Jaclyn was 14 years old and she was in her Masai family and there's a drought in Kenya.
Ethiopia has suffered a disaster as a result of the drought over the last few years.
Constant droughts are a real calamity for African farmers.
There have also been increased periods of drought, particularly in parts of Africa and Asia suffering from famine.

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