słownik niderlandzko - angielski

Nederlands, Vlaams - English

ijs po angielsku:

1. ice cream ice cream

They prepare the best ice cream in the town.
I love peanut butter chocolate ice cream.
Your ice cream is going to melt if you don't eat it.
It's hot, do you feel like having ice cream?
I like ice cream
What flavor of ice cream do you like?
My sister loves strawberry ice cream.
I like to eat ice cream in summer.
Children love ice cream!
if you are good. I'll buy you an ice cream.
Can I have a strawberry ice cream, please?
I’d like some vanilla ice cream for dessert.
Strawberry ice cream is my favourite flavour
-Does he eat ice cream? -Yes, he does.
An ice cream and two oranges, please.