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maandag po angielsku:

1. Monday Monday

It's Monday.
Monday through Friday are work-days in this company.
Would you please meet me at Yaesu central gate of Tokyo Station on Monday, May 10th at 3:00 p.m.?
They fed me a line about Monday being a holiday, so I took the day off, and it wasn't.
I was just wondering if I could borrow three hundred dollars from you. I can pay you back next Monday.
The work wasn't finished at 11:00 p.m. Friday, so they decided to carry it over to the following Monday.
On Monday, the Pierson Publishing House will launch an ambitious advertising compaign for Real Life, a highly anticipated new novel from Korea.
Sea Day is one of the Japanese national holidays celebrated on the third Monday in July.
The Bank of Japan lowered its discount rate by half a percentage point Monday, bringing the key lending rate to 4.5%.
Health-Sports Day is the second Monday of October. That day is for sports and fostering a sound mind and body.
Monday mornings make me really grouchy.
In Germany today, anti-violence rallies took place in several cities, including one near Hamburg where three Turks were killed in an arson attack on Monday.
This is to confirm the appointment we made to meet at your office at 10:00 am on Monday, February 27th.
We'll release the final agenda on the morning of Monday, January 20, so please reply quickly.
EU finance ministers agreed on a permanent support system for distressed eurozone countries on Monday.

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