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Nederlands, Vlaams - English

zijn po angielsku:

1. to be to be

It's nice to be here.
To be or not to be, that's the question.
The verb to be is important.
It's easy to be happy!
I want to be an astronaut

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2. his

His girlfriend is Japanese.
His beating four competitors in a row won our high school team the championship.
He sent me a letter to the effect that his poultry farm would go bankrupt sooner or later.
It will not be long before he recovers from his illness.
His favorite baseball team is the Giants, but he also likes the Lions.
Making model planes is his only hobby.
I've written his address on the back of the envelope.
Once in a while, he leaves his umbrella in the train.
He fell down from the roof, and what made the matter worse, broke his leg.
Looking at his face, you could tell that he was annoyed.
Shouldn't you overlook his indiscretions and forgive him?
He dropped in on some old friends during his vacation trip to New York.
He learned of his friend's death in the automobile accident when he came home.
What do you think of his suggestion?
His business has come to a standstill.

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