słownik norwesko - angielski

Norsk - English

i utlandet po angielsku:

1. abroad abroad

He went abroad.
Living abroad is the best way to learn a foreign language.
A correspondent must soon adjust himself to life abroad.
When you travel abroad, you usually need a passport.
She studied abroad in order to brush up her English.
People traveling abroad always have to get used to new food.
Japanese tourists abroad are big spenders.
They had decided to put the wedding off until her brother came home from abroad.
A friend I went with on our first trip abroad had his wallet pickpocketed. I don't think it left a very good impression.
Klava is abroad and sends her regards to you.
You should take another pair of glasses when you go abroad.
It is not until you go abroad that you realize how small Japan is.
I have three brothers. One lives in Japan and the other two live abroad.
Seals are used like this in Japan, but abroad signatures are the rule.
In ancient China there were no cats; the cat that we are familiar with today was not imported into China from abroad until much later.