słownik norwesko - angielski

Norsk - English

nett po angielsku:

1. online online

Message me online.
As soon as I can get a decent video camera, I'll start making videos to put online.
Online, businesses can export all over the world.
The Tatoeba Project, which can be found online at tatoeba.org, is working on creating a large database of example sentences translated into many languages.
This generation of online daters, far more native to the Internet, are a lot less awkward than the first generation.
However, compared to that in cities, rural use of online news, search engines, online shopping, online banking, online stocks and so on is much lower.
Kenneth Starr abused his power again and took away my right to get on-line.
Many on-line companies need to have a new approach to business to survive.
His crew members often complained of Christopher Columbus's hogging of their vessel's Wifi connection to play online games, but he denied these accusations with indignation, claiming that he was researching faraway lands that they had yet to discover.
I searched at the pub for the person I had met online, but there was nobody who looked like that.
Imogen of the Internet is torn between filling out the music sections of all her online profiles and ensuring that none of her friends will have ever heard of her favorite bands in order to protect their precious obscurity.
Young people and migrant workers are the bulk of rural Internet users; in terms of online music, online games, online film and television, and the Internet's capacity for entertainment, rural Internet users are equivalent to urban ones.
Before beginning to shop at this online store please familiarize yourself with these store policies.
By the end of 2006, the number of rural netizens in China was twenty three million one hundred thousand, showing that in six months a total of fourteen million, three hundred thousand rural Chinese got online.
There is a growing number of people who prefer a virtual life online than a real life offline.