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Norsk - English

nord po angielsku:

1. north north

Typhoon No.11 is moving up north at twenty kilometers per hour.
Where's the North?
From the North Country is a TV drama produced by Fuji TV and set in Furano in Hokkaido.
China shares borders with Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, North Korea, Laos, Vietnam, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Mongolia and Russia.
It's on the coast about 13 kilometers to the north of its more famous neighbor, Dover.
In the north, there's Scotland; in the south, England; in the west, Wales; and further west, Northern Ireland.
Fork-users are mainly in Europe, North America, and Latin America; chopstick-users in eastern Asia and finger-users in Africa, the Middle East, Indonesia, and India.
Our university building is now under construction on a hillside in the north of Fukuoka.
Mrs. North is very proud of her children.
Every summer he sets out north to discover Arctic's nature
As North Korea displays aggression, South Korea concentrates its forces near the border.
In North America it is against the law to fail to fasten your seatbelt.
Farther from the palace and to its north and south were the commoners, merchants, artisans, and laborers.

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