słownik polsko - angielski

język polski - English

byk po angielsku:

1. bull bull

The old men like to meet on the street corner just to shoot the bull.
Northerners had expected to win the Battle of Bull Run.
The bull is stronger than the bullfighter, but he almost always loses.
He likes to throw the bull.
That bull is angry.
Don't talk to him about politics because it's like a red rag to a bull.
If you go drinking with Tom, be prepared to listen to some pretty outlandish cock and bull stories.
The landlord told me a cock and bull story about why we didn't have heat for three days.
Putting his trust in God and taking the bull by the horns, the Christian gladiator defeated many adversaries.
Be careful when you’re passing the farm because the bulls might chase you.
bull fighting
I used to work as a bull. Now I'm too old for this.
Don't you try to bull me!
That's just a lot of bull. Do you really think I'm gonna believe it?
The group was planning a bull session to talk about the upcoming party.

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