słownik polsko - angielski

język polski - English

cudowny po angielsku:

1. marvellous

He has a marvellous way with children
It took me ages to get it right, but it was a marvellous feeling when I did.
I've just spent a marvellous weekend in Florence!
This is a marvellous symphony.
I went to a marvellous party last week.
A marvellous little invention!
What a marvellous idea!
The view from the summit of Mount Everest was marvellous.
He's done a marvellous job of the decorating.
The lunar eclipse is going to be marvellous.
I can’t stand him, but my wife thinks he’s marvellous.
That is a marvellous collection of stemps

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2. wonderful

Mary is really great. She cooked a wonderful meal for me and even washed the dishes herself.
A house that keeps out rain and dew and is impervious to heat and cold is a wonderful thing.
Wonderful was the fighting spirit of the Australian rugby team.
How wonderful that we have met with a paradox. Now we have some hope of making progress.
New Russians, you say? Wonderful! That's just what we need!
I know Andrina doesn't take things seriously, but she is a wonderful friend.
Tokyo was really wonderful and the welcome the Japanese extended to us was also just as wonderful.
People, like peacocks, will never tire of displaying to friends and potential mates just how wonderful they are.
It is wonderful to think of Spring, when the new buds of the persimmon burst forth.
What a fantastic idea, and what a wonderful way to learn more about Roman history!
Is it sometimes wonderful what doctors can do nowadays?
What a princess I'd feel like if I were able to go to Akasaka, have a wonderful meal and stay at a hotel.
My wonderful wife is so stingy that ... "You boasting? Or complaining?"
His boosterism makes it sound wonderful but I wonder if he understands how hard it's going to be to actually carry out.

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3. miraculous

John's made a miraculous recovery from his illness.
What miraculous sign can you show us to prove your authority to do all this?
The true art of life consists in seeing the miraculous in the everyday.

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4. wondrous

What a wondrous sight!
I absolutely love going to concerts not just because I get a chance to meet the musician or singer but because of the wondrous feeling of a live performance.

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5. lovely

What lovely flowers!
America is a lovely place to be, if you are here to earn money.
Japan, for the most part, is a lovely place to live.
He hit the jackpot with his date. She was lovely and intelligent.
Here, if the weather's good, you can get a lovely view.
The trees that line the street have lovely blossoms in spring.
Your lovely voice was very pleasant to my ears.
It is really lovely to go up Mt. Hakodate and look at the night view of Hakodate city.
Don't forget to give my best regards to your lovely wife.
Chris cannot control his passion for the lovely new girl in town.
Whenever we have such lovely rain, I recall the two of us, several years ago.
Jane is fat and rude, and smokes too much. However, Ken thinks she's lovely and charming. That's why they say love is blind.
The building is built of marble of a most lovely color.
What a glorious fall day. This is what they mean by the lovely weather you get after a storm.
When he first heard her lovely voice over the phone, he fell head over heels for her.

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6. brilliant

Our child seems to be brilliant. Of course, we may be prejudiced.
American industry makes various attempts to find and encourage brilliant students from abroad.
Brilliant papers by Comrade Stalin allowed Soviet linguistics to take the leading position in the world.
It is because light travels faster than sound that some people look brilliant before sounding stupid.
The army was involved in a number of brilliant actions during the battle.
Brilliant people have one major drawback - they don't know how to lose.
Russell was a brilliant philosopher, but even the simplest practical task was quite beyond him.
No other student in the class is so brilliant as he is.
The idea was quite brilliant. She's got a brilliant sense of humour.
It’s thrilling and brilliant and useful most of the time, but it’s not a right to be able to use it.
I can’t ride a horse, but my sister is brilliant at riding.
He was brilliant, even as a boy. / But that was before I had a brilliant plan.
Mr President, I congratulate you on your brilliant response to China.
Smiling cheerfully, the two began to walk off into their brilliant future.

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7. gorgeous

What a gorgeous sunset! Let's hang around for a couple of minutes and watch it.
Let me introduce my gorgeous assistant, Miss Van Eyck.
Oh, it's gorgeous.
There's still light in the sky, but it takes on a gorgeous blue gradation.
When she saw the gorgeous coat, Julie decided to buy it.
Isn't he gorgeous? - So tall and smart-looking.
I was just admiring your roses. They're absolutely gorgeous. "Oh, I'm flattered. Thank you."
That's a gorgeous color. What kind of beer is that?
As he looked through the store window, Dima's eyes widened as they fell upon a gorgeous black suit, and then widened even more when he noticed the 3,000,000.99 BYR price tag.
The weather was gorgeous for three days but then become a little cloudy.
She wore a gorgeous red and gold silk sari to the party.
Marilyn Monroe is considered one of the most gorgeous film stars.
This gorgeous man was actually interested in her.
someone or something that is gorgeous is extremely enjoyable, beautiful, or attractive
Carlo is gorgeous – has he got a girlfriend?

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8. incredible

The Beatles set the world on fire with their incredible music.
As incredible as it seems, he is a really strong guy.
At this hour, there is incredible traffic.
Mr Frey's wedding was incredible!
And I came across an incredible story about the painting elephants of Thailand.
I want the evening to be incredible. / This is an absolutely incredible day. I don't know what to say.
It's incredible that you could write such a well-designed program after just picking up programming by imitation.
Tomorrow will be the first time I take the plane, incredible, no?
Even specialists do not understand this incredible accident.
The US judicial system and press are incredible: One day you're a poor examplary housewife, victim of a rape, the next, you're an illegal immigrant, having committed perjury and being suspected of whitewashing drug money.
It was incredible. You could see his paw print on the key of the phone.
Winning the game gave me an incredible feeling.
It’s incredible that the passengers survived the crash.
It seemed incredible that she had been there a week already.

9. fabulous

His latest works are on display at the city hall. They are fabulous beyond description.
He has a fabulous reputation for his high integrity.
absolutely fabulous
It's another fabulous morning in the Big Apple.
We were entranced by the fabulous suite.
The laboratory acquired a fabulous reputation for its historic discovery.
It was a fabulous show which brought us an endless delight.
He's such a fabulous guy. / 2. Honey, you look fabulous as usual. / 3. This will be fabulous background for my article.
This city is fabulous, I love it
The actress came out of the water looking fabulous.
That is a fabulous new shirt. It looks great on you!
I hope the photos are fabulous.
She was a fabulous cook and baker, and always had something delicious prepared for after school.
You look fabulous.
The unicorn is a fabulous monster.

10. delightful

He is delightful.
It's always delightful to see you.
Nothing is more delightful to me than travelling.
I do not know any reading more easy, more fascinating, more delightful than a catalogue.
The very pure spirit does not bother about the regard of others or human respect, but communes inwardly with God, alone and in solitude as to all forms, and with delightful tranquility, for the knowledge of God is received in divine silence.
When a friend comes from afar, is that not delightful?
We spent a delightful afternoon having tea with Sue; we really had fun!
Our new neighbours are delightful.
The view from the rooftop of this scyscraper must be delightful.
I have had a delightful evening. We should go out together more often!
The weather was truly delightful.
I was delighted to meet her, she was a delightful person.
The thing I have found most delightful is having friends all over the world.
Your garden is delightful! I could spend all day there.
Thank you for a delightful evening.