słownik polsko - angielski

język polski - English

czysty po angielsku:

1. clean clean

Clean the room.
Your robot will prepare meals, clean, wash dishes, and perform other household tasks.
A clean river flows through our town, and we can see many carp swimming in it.
Keep a box of baking soda in the fridge to keep it smelling clean.
Nearly one billion people around the globe lack access to clean, safe water.
Before automobiles filled out streets, city air used to be clean.
Clean up in front of the shop first. "OK!" "Sprinkle some water out there too."
It may not be clean, but you won't get sick from eating it.
Father, why are you putting on clean clothes? "Because I'm going to church."
After getting downsized he started off on a clean slate and started a business working out of a home office.
You'll get your clothes dirty. "No worries. They weren't very clean in the first place."
After the pictures were revealed, the actress' clean image was tainted.
Salmonella outbreaks blemished spinach importers' reputation for running clean factories.
If you don't clean your room, you won't even have a place to stand, don't you think?
Well, I clean the rooms, do the laundry, or cook an elaborate supper.

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2. unspotted unspotted

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3. pure

His conscience is pure.
These days, the motives for marriage are not necessarily pure.
The very pure spirit does not bother about the regard of others or human respect, but communes inwardly with God, alone and in solitude as to all forms, and with delightful tranquility, for the knowledge of God is received in divine silence.
Truth is pure, but truth is painful. No sane, selfish person would ever accept things for what they are. Such is the masochism inherent in "truth".
Pure talk.
Some of my classmates are pure noobs; they know nothing about computing sciences.
With her pure voice, Kate shined outstandingly on the stage of a musical.
Today's pure mathematics is tomorrow's applied mathematics.
We arrived at that plan out of pure desperation, but the book sold well.
Unblended gold in its pure form is so soft, that one can knead it by hand.
She's pure bred blue-blood you see. Unfortunately that's no sort of put-on but her natural self.
There is but One who is absolutely by and through himself, — namely, God; and God is not the mere dead conception to which we have thus given utterance, but he is in himself pure Life.
With pure logic you can prove the biggest nonsense.
No matter how experienced is the woman, a pure young man will be able to enjoy a pure love.
Humor can be dissected, as a frog can, but the thing dies in the process and the innards are discouraging to any but the pure scientific mind.

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4. unalloyed

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5. unstained

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6. tidy

You came up with a tidy plan.
someone who is neat or tidy always like to keep things in their right place.
He is such a tidy person. Every pot and pan is in its place.
a place, room etc that is tidy looks nice because everything has been arranged and put in the right place
my desk isn't tidy
Marius is very tidy- his shirts are always ironed.
It wasn't a tidy garden, but more like a forest.
to tidy similar to clear.
We tidy a garden.
We will tidy up our room so that Mom is satisfied.
Their flat is tidy and nicely decorated.
to have a tidy desk
How often do you tidy?
​neat and tidy. Put ​your ​clothes away tidily.
Your room will start to look tidy straight away if you pick your clothes up off the floor.

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7. clean and tidy

I always like to leave the house clean and tidy before I go to bed.

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8. spotless

I don't know how she keeps such a spotless kitchen.
The wardrobe was spotless.
her shirt was old but spotlessly clean
Your house is spotless! How did you do that?
my face is spotless - there are no beauty spots

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9. neat

Marius is very neat, his shirts are always ironed.
No one is so poor that he cannot afford to be neat.
Her wardrobe was filled with neat piles of clothes.
This is neat.
His cottage is neat and comfortable; moreover, it can accommodate as many as ten people.
There was a neat pile of books in the corner of the room.
She keeps her room neat and clean. A neat person likes everything to be clean and well arranged; I try to be neat, but my husband is a slob.
He was an old man with a big nose, glasses and neat grey hair.
I’d like a bourbon, neat.
Your house is always so neat - how do you manage it with three children? She likes everything neat and tidy. You've got such neat handwriting. They did a very neat job stitching up your knee - there's hardly a scar there.
What a neat car! It's small but roomy - and comfortable!
And he wasn't clean and neat, so I wouldn't let him go.
neater hair
So I decided to give him a little support, and brought some order into neatly stacking the blocks on top of each other
Mrs. Sugimoto always wears neat clothes.

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10. cleanly

to break off cleanly
The casting came cleanly out of its mold.

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11. chaste

She gave him a chaste kiss in the chin.
On his return the chaste caresses of his wife amply recompenced the warrior for the fatigues he had undergone and for the danger which he had been exposed.

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12. sheer

She accomplished the task through sheer will.
sheer magic
By sheer coincidence I bought a flat next to my childhood friend whom I haven't seen for ages.
Her success was due to sheer hard work.
It was sheer coincidence that Mary and I were on the same train.
New York City has long been unusual because of its sheer size.
Miss, that dress is splendid, it has a sheer silhouette and is very classy.
His face betrayed his sheer puzzlement.
Sheer badness is just one of her fine qualities.
It's sheer laziness. This dessert is sheer delight. This hill is too sheer for me - I'm not going there with you. She wore a sheer dress
This dessert is sheer delight.
sheer bad manners/hard work/nonsense
Will the Commission also crack down on sheer exploitation? sheer number, sheer underwear
Definition you use sheer to emphasise the great size, weight, or quantity of something
Gina's sheer coldness attracted scads of men with low self-esteem.

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13. plain

I think a plain dress will look more elegant than a patterned one.
Soba is made of buckwheat flour, and udon and kishimen are made of plain wheat flour.
Most of the plain, simple, everyday things he desires can be secured by people of average means.
Plenty of stalls selling fried rattlesnake, rattlesnake kebabs, barbecued rattler, or just plain baked rattlesnake.
plain furnishing
Plain English is a shortcut to the goal of language learning.
Your opinion is off the mark. That's plain to anyone.
The spacious plain spread as far as the eye can see, dotted with groves here and there.
A nudnik who believes he's profound is even worse than just a plain nudnik.
At no time does the plain look so perfect as in early autumn.
I think putting thieves to death is not lawful; and it is plain and obvious that it is absurd and of ill consequence to the commonwealth that a thief and a murderer should be equally punished.
Ms. Yamada translated the fascinating fairy tale into plain Japanese.
Stracciatella ice-cream is nothing but a plain ice-cream with chocolate chips.
Please ensure you always include a link-back in your replies. ">>" in plain ASCII + number (e.g. >>1).
Her clothes were old and dirty, and she wore a tight, plain cap over her beautiful blonde hair.

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