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dział sprzedaży po angielsku:

1. sales sales

Their sales are growing.
The entire sales staff has worked around the clock for a week.
Relative to overall sales, that of software is insignificant.
Never mind that. More importantly, if we don't go soon the time-limited sales will finish.
The Commerce Department reports retail sales rose seven-tenths of 1 percent last month mainly thanks to strong auto sales.
Please exercise every caution against cowboy salesmen of water purifiers and fraudulent-test sales.
The manner in which the new salesman made top sales level was an eye-opener to his supervisor.
He brought in over half of his company's sales, so he expected to be given a piece of the pie.
When one of my coworkers starts racking up good sales figures I can't let down my guard.
Would you please put me in touch with the General Manager of Overseas Sales of AB Software Ltd?
Making this matter public would have an effect on our sales, so we're going to overlook it this once.
Are there any stores with "going out of business" sales?
Be careful when you shop, because some sales people will try to take advantage of you and offer you an expensive price.
For instance, in my father's business the timing of sales and purchases was very important, and he would sometimes write or say to his colleagues "There is a tide," without going into detail.
Our international sales continue to grow, bringing the name of Toyo Computer into businesses world-wide.

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2. department department

The U.S. Department of Health says people should exercise at least two and a half hours a week.
marketing department
We are writing to inform you that Mr Koichi Ohara has been appointed as Manager of the Technical Department in succession to Mr Taro Iida.
This is the first time in a while that someone we had such high hopes for came to our department.
The Commerce Department reports retail sales rose seven-tenths of 1 percent last month mainly thanks to strong auto sales.
They replied that because all 61 beds in the obstetrics/gynaecology department were full, no admissions were possible.
A sale of quality-brand goods is being held at that department.
The person standing at the front of the room is a professor in the History Department.
Every time a failure like that occurs in another department, I'm tempted to call them idiots, but then people like you come along to demonstrate what true idiocy looks like.
The security level, as established by the Department of Homeland Security, is orange.
a part of an organization such as a school, business, or government that deals with a particular area of work dział, wydział, ministerstwo the sales department head of the English department department of English
There are five departments in our company: Production, Sales, Marketing, Finance and Quality Control.
justice department; education department; art department
The Department of Homeland Security's primary function is the prevention of terrorist attacks occurring within America and, in the extreme case of an attack happening, holding losses to the smallest possible level and swiftly carrying out restoration.
Brand desirability among girls age 7-13 increased fivefold after the marketing department changed the company mascot to a talking pony.

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3. sales department sales department

I want to get employed at the sales department of H&M.

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