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język polski - English

instrument strunowy po angielsku:

1. string string

This string is strong.
Tie the package with string.
The police say there's someone pulling string behind the scenes.
Tom often thinks of Mary when he hears a string quartet.
silly string
All you do is string together a bunch of farfetched ideas. I can't understand a word of it.
Her heart has been hardening all throughout her string of bad hookups.
Not to harp on the same string, I still insist that those who drink should never drive.
Monotony develops when you harp on the same string.
She was lying on the floor, strangled by a harp string.
Officers patrolled the neighborhood for a month after the string of robberies.
An example of a string instrument is a violin.
Hold your strings tight.
I tried to assemble that with a string, but it didn’t work
The townsfolk were convinced that the string of murders was tied to a satanic cult.

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