słownik polsko - angielski

język polski - English

klaskać po angielsku:

1. clap clap

Tom didn't clap after Mary's performance.
They did not clap for us.
Cassia clapped her hands and the slaves brought the food to the dining room.
Someone began to clap.
Everyone clapped their hands when the plane landed.
Suddenly I heard a loud clap of thunder.
We gave the performer a clap.
The couple were cheered and clapped on their arrival. ● The audience clapped politely but without much enthusiasm.
She clapped her hands to get his attention
The audience cheered and clapped.
The audience clapped for so long after the play that their hands got tired.
Uncle Vernon clapped Dudley on his porky shoulder.
After the show the whole audience clapped.
We clapped loudly at the end of the fantastic performance.
Two hands clap and there is a sound. What is the sound of one hand?

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2. to clap the hands to clap the hands

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3. applaud applaud

I applauded them when the tune ended.
I applaud your decision to study medicine.
As soon as the new teacher entered the classroom, the students began to applaud.
The audience applauded loudly.
I like applauding after performmance.
I applaud you for giving it thought ahead of time.
I'd like to applaud everyone who has raised money for our charity today.
At the end of the concert, everybody applauded.
These were exactly the right words, and we applaud them.
She was applauded for a full five minutes after her speech.; So let's hear some applause for these talented young performers.
The audience applauded loudly. Most people will surely applaud the decision.
The whole audience got up and started to applaud.
People applaud a singer because he sang well, or maybe because he finally stopped.

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4. clap hands clap hands

5. clap your hands

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6. clapped

We clapped our hands.
A few people clapped after his lecture.
When the rock singer appeared on the stage, the audience at the concert clapped loudly.
The audience clapped loudly after his speech.
All the students clapped their hands.
The large audience clapped at the end of the song.
The audience clapped when the concert was over.
He clapped his friend on the shoulder.
I have never clapped eyes on you before.
The car clapped along very slowly.
I clapped him on the back.