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kość po angielsku:

1. bone bone

After the bone has set, the cast will be removed.
I hit my funny bone on the edge of the table.
It'll take the bone a month or so to set completely.
The bone was broken.
The division of the property was a bone of contention between the brothers.
Two dogs fight for a bone, and the third runs away with it.
The breakage goes from the ankle to the knee. It's like the bone just disintegrated.
The eye socket is the bone receptacle in which the eye fits.
This fish has small bones and it has strange flavour.
A dinosaur bone has bee found nearby the lake.
A: Are you OK? B: No, I think I've broken my leg bone.
Everyone seems to have a bone to pick with someone, but only a few people can be philosophical about it.
If you have a bone to pick with a person, tell it to his face instead of saying things behind his back.
What is bred in the bone will come out in the blood.
He is bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh.

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2. dice dice

The chef diced the onion.
To dice is also to cut food up into small cubes. Cutting up a carrot into small, square pieces to put into a soup is an example of a time when you dice the carrot.
to throw / to roll the dice
He that is afraid to shake the dice will never throw a six.
We need two dice to play the game; You roll/throw the dice and whoever gets the highest score goes first.; Let's play dice.
... of a roll of dice in each round moves...

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