słownik polsko - angielski

język polski - English

korek po angielsku:

1. traffic jam traffic jam

Sorry I’m late – there was a terrible traffic jam.
We got stuck on traffic jam
We got stuck in a traffic jam and missed the plane.
Go now before a traffic jam comes.
There's a traffic jam
There was an accident on the motorway and we got stuck in the traffic jam
The bad weather caused a traffic jam on the road and it took hours to get home.
There are always traffic jams in the centre of the city.
I'd rather walk than be in a traffic jam.
I’m stuck in a traffic jam so will be late.
There was a traffic jam on the motorway, so I was late for work.
What a huge traffic jam!
traffic jams are terrible today
They got stuck in a traffic jam//there are traffic jams on the roads
We've spent half of our weekend trip in a massive traffic jam.

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2. cork cork

The champagne cork popped out.
On last New Year's Eve I lost my eye, when a cork from a bottle of champagne exploded in my face.
Every gentleman should know how to get a cork out from a wine bottle.
Remember to cork the bottle after you stop using it.
... you can't put the cork back in?
Alex seemed to learn nouns such as "paper," "key" and "cork," and color names such as "red," "green" and "yellow."

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3. stopper stopper

This stopper does not fit the bottle.

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4. plug

The plug doesn't work.
I'm out of plug. I've gotta get some.
... forgot to say our plug.
I'd give anything for a plug.
My nose was bleeding and I plugged it with cotton wool.
Why pay if we can get a plug on that show?
When we want to fill the bath with water, we should put the plug in. When we finish taking a bath, we should pull the plug out.
Try wearing protective clothing next time – and maybe a nose plug too!
... but I love to stay plugged into what's going on with my family,...
I will ask a plumber to plug the hole in this pipe.
You are acting as a 'plug' to stop the blood escaping. The pressure you provide will help stop the bleeding and clot the blood.
How long can you use your mobile phone before you have to put the plug into the socket to charge the batteries?
We managed to stop the roof leaking by plugging the whole with a cork material. She was terribly angry when she discovered that there was no plug in the sink.
A cheaper range of products was introduced to plug the gap at the lower end of the market.
Did you know that if you plug a pickle into an electrical outlet, it glows and makes buzzing noises?

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5. tailback

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6. traffic congestion

There is a real problem with traffic congestion in the city centre.
The bad weather is causing serious traffic congestion.

7. jam

traffic jam
On the top shelf of the fridge we should store product like kefir, yogurt and jams, on the middle – cheese and cold cuts and on the lower shelf vegetable.
Please hide the blueberry jam where Takako can't see it.
Please tell me the secret to making good jam.
Would you help me fix the jam of paper in the printer?
I substitute honey for jam.
So all you need is good cheese and a jar of black cherry jam.
In 2011, Toyota recalled two million vehicles which, they alleged, had gas pedals that could jam and cause the car to accelerate uncontrollably.
He jammed the door open with a piece of wood.
We jammed on guitars all evening
Yesterday, our band jamed with Pefect.
The centre of town was jammed with cars moving at a very slow pace. The motorway was jammed solid (= the traffic could not move) all morning.
The door jammed behind me and I couldn't get out
if you want to slam or jam or dunk it.
Today I cooked little jam tarts with my cousin.

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8. congestion

Traffic congestion is always the heaviest during rush hours.
Traffic congestion contributes to air pollution.
It’s still remarkably easy to escape the congestion.
There's a lot of congestion on the motorway today.
if there is congestion, a place is too crowded with people or vehicles
There’s a lot of traffic congestion, especially at rush hour.
‘Road congestion always gets better in the summer when a lot of car drivers are on holiday.’
He had a nose congestion.
We were delayed by traffic congestion, so we had to hurry.
Our delay was due to traffic congestion.
In spite of the terrible congestion, I was in time for the appointment.

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9. cork's

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