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po angielsku:

1. relative

We invited all our friends and relatives.
We usually visit relatives in France during the summer.
[adjective] - judged or measured in comparison with something else
[noun] - a member of your family
üye,(aile tarafından)

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2. kinsman's

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3. relation

The elections received extensive coverage in the media.
There’s no relation between the two crimes.
What is the relation between us?
What is the relation between you two?
in relation to this matter

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4. kinsman

[noun] - FORMAL- somebody who belongs to the same family

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5. blood relative

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6. next of kin

In the unfortunate event of an accident, please complete your next of kin details below
The police suspect the identity of the kidnapped man, but they haven't yet informed his next of kin
We cannot release the names of the soldiers who were killed until we have informed their next of kin.
When I arrived in New York, my next of kin greeted me warmly and showed me round Greenpoint.
close relative

Matura 2015 repetytorium, Macmillan, Unit 1, Dom

7. flesh and blood

I have many distant relatives living abroad.
She’s your own flesh and blood – how can you treat her like that?
The endless noise is more than flesh and blood can stand.
They are my own flesh and blood
You can't throw her out, surely? Not your sister - not your own flesh and blood!

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