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las po angielsku:

1. forest forest

Forest conservation is an important issue all over the world.
Sometimes, if I look at a forest of trees, I get in a trance and don't even realize until minutes later.
[ˈfɒrɪst] forest
Take the child away into the forest; I never want to see her again. Kill her, and bring me back this handkerchief soaked in her blood as proof.
When the farmer drops dead off the tractor, then at the edge of the forest, there must be a reactor.
The other animals of the forest came to watch the wedding dance, and they, too, danced all night in the moonlight.
A wily hunter, Christopher Columbus once donned a red riding hood and went into the forest. Without a doubt, he attracted the Big Bad Wolf, grabbed him, and dragged the screaming wolf back to his ship.
When we discussed where to go on a picnic, some wanted to go to the forest, others wanted to go to the sea.
And so the two little rabbits lived together happily in the big forest; eating dandelions, playing Jump The Daisies, Run Through The Clover and Find The Acorn all day long.
If you find yourself trapped by a bear in the forest, your best bet is to drop to the ground and play dead.
African elephants are divided into two different species: savannah and forest elephants.
Right, while we're taking a walk anyway, we could like go along the woodland path and enjoy a little stroll through the forest…
No sooner had the younger brother gone into the forest than he found the river, swam across it, and there on the other side was the she-bear, fast asleep.
Ten million hectares of ancient forest are being cleared or destroyed every year. Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail.

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2. woods woods

She walked in the woods.
Before you go hiking in the woods, find out what you should do when you meet a bear.
Tiger Woods is famous for his skill as a golfer.
Woods burn easily.
The morning after I arrived there, I took a walk into the woods of oaks.
Hikers need to carry a compass with them to find their way through the woods.
They will go to the woods to pick mushrooms, weather permitting.
In the woods, she met with two strangers.
The woods were clothed in autumn leaves.
The "buddy system" is a way to stay safe while hiking in the woods, except when encountering pregnant bears, which eat for two or even three or four.
I took the shortcut back to the woods, locked my shelter, and opened the basket.
Woods grow greener in the spring.
I can't believe you're so clueless. You're like a babe in the woods.
The doctor said that grandmother is still very sick, but she's out of the woods.
The church is surrounded by woods and lakes.

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