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język polski - English

marynarka po angielsku:

1. jacket jacket

I'd describe him as a middle-aged man in a yellow jacket, orange tie and a pink shirt.
He noticed a hole in his jacket, but he tried to ignore it.
Your jacket and tie don't go together.
I wear a blue jacket and trousers and a white shirt and tie.
Before deciding to buy it, I tried on the jacket to see if it would fit.
I'm sorry, sir, but a jacket and tie are required.
suit jacket
My jacket has a secret pocket where I can hide money or other valuables.
This jacket has the virtue of being easy to wash.
No matter how cold it is, my leather jacket always keeps me warm.
Luckily, only the jacket, not the cover of the book was water damaged.
If it's cold outside you must wear your jacket.
I do not need many things but I have to take my sunglasses, bathing-trunks, a few T-shirts, a jacket and a pair of trousers.
How do you like my new jacket? I took off my jacket. Did you look in the pockets of your jacket?
The jacket, which I wanted, costed three hundred dollars.

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2. blazer blazer

I would like to get a blouse to go with this blazer.
a school blazer
blazer without collar
He wore a blue blazer and khaki pants. She wore a wool skirt and matching blazer.
A blazer is a jacket
He always wears a blazer over his shirt.
This blazer matches your shoes.

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3. marine marine

She always loved sea animals and decided to become a marine biologist.
His father is a marine biologist.
Tom joined the Marine Corps.
Coral reefs attract a variety of beautiful marine life.
Our country is rich in marine products.
He was a former United States Marine.
A fund was set up to preserve endangered marine life.
marine biologist
Marine plants grow on the sea bed.
Yuriko, a marine biology grad student, fell asleep inside a fish tank and awoke covered in octopuses and starfish.
Lobsters belong to a class of marine animals.
A strange marine creature was found recently.

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