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słownik polsko - angielski

język polski - English

obniżka po angielsku:

1. discount discount

In some countries you should ask for a discount when you're shopping.
The store has discounted all its cammembert cheese because tomorrow is its best before date.
How early do I have to make a reservation to qualify for the discount?
The first thing that hits you is the bright red discount drugstore sign.
10%discount Monday-Thursday
extra 10% discount
I'll just discount thet suggestion and the whole theory, too
The discount can't be used for all goods or at all restaurants.
Lately the discount airline ticket system has gotten so complicated that there's a lot about it I can't figure out.
The Bank of Japan lowered its discount rate by half a percentage point Monday, bringing the key lending rate to 4.5%.
Do students get discounts on rooms in hostels in some countries?
Customers can get huge discounts by booking in advance.
In return, the employers offer good, sometimes negotiable salaries, good working conditions, longer holidays and additional leaves at bank holidays, discounts of various kinds, commissions, lunch vouchers, annual bonuses or travel schemes for commuters.
You are not eligible for promotions and discounts at this time
Sales start Monday, with discounts of up to 50%.

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2. reduction reduction

We must implement a cost reduction plan.
Is there a reduction for students?
We cannot offer a further price reduction under the current circumstances.
A further reduction would make us go into the red.
We accept making a reduction in price of 5% if this will help you to develop a new market for our products.
The customer insisted on a price reduction because of defects in the product.
The reduction of subsidies to the Cultural Heritage sector requires the adoption of a new paradigm.
We would ask you to give us a price reduction of 5%.
The reduction in obstetricians and gynecologists is a reflection of the decrease in births, thus reducing need for medical care.
He advocated reduction of taxes.
They claimed credit for tax reduction.
We hope to come to an accord with them about arms reduction.
The government is planning to introduce sweeping reductions in public investment.
The reduction in price made it cheap.
Working, healthy people contribute to the reduction of medical expenses, the rise of the eligible age for benefits, and the curtailment of their costs.

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3. reduction on reduction on

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