słownik polsko - angielski

język polski - English

pasować do siebie po angielsku:

1. go together go together

Tomatoes and basil go together.
In my opinion the dark shirt and this tie go together perfectly.
That green ​shirt doesn't really go together with those ​trousers.

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2. match match

Before the match, an opening ceremony was held in the Yoyogi stadium.
a burning match
From the coffee table photo book to the bathroom factoid anthology to the bedside escapist novel, American literature is designed to match the furniture.
Essentially it's a one-to-one match, but the content of that match is a level so high as to be unthinkable to an ordinary person.
Can you match this coat with something a little more colorful?
The boxing match was completely one-sided, one pug was so badly mauled that his manager had to throw in the sponge.
I'd certainly like to go and watch the match; it's just that I'm not sure if I have time.
The committee would like me to have someone to whom I can direct questions or go to for guidance about the city and its resources; I believe, therefore, that you would be a very good match.
What?! You didn't do your homework because of a soccer match? That's no excuse!
I gave it a try figuring that anything is worth a try. But putting together a program like this is something I'm no match for.
Every year about 150 million people watch basketball matches.
One of our players scored a goal just five minutes after the match started.
For detecting drugs or hidden explosives, there's no technology that can match a dog's nose.
So truffle aficionados are always careful to match recipes to the available truffle varieties.)
You can go to the match with me, if you want. He lit a match. The match of her clothes was very pretty. Match the picture with the right description.

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3. go well together go well together

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