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posada po angielsku:

1. position position

He enjoys his position.
At this rate, the risk is high that our country's competitive position will drop even further.
After John became manager, he told me he would never have expected to reach such a high position.
The police officer pointed his pistol at the criminal, who, in turn, held his pistol directly pointed at the officer. Neither had the advantage, the position was a stalemate.
Appointing Cuddles the Bear to the position of Secretary of Defense was one of the defining mistakes of Dolly's brief career as president of the People's Democratic Republic of Tea Time.
But she had not expected to cross an ocean, enter a new and romantic-sounding country, and find herself in exactly the same position.
There is a tendency for Japanese to want to know a certain amount of personal information about someone such as age, position and whether they are married or not, before they feel comfortable talking with a stranger.
Brilliant papers by Comrade Stalin allowed Soviet linguistics to take the leading position in the world.
In this paper I address the question, what is difficult about the intermediary's position in a negotiation?
to be in position to do sth - być w stanie coś zrobić / I'm sure they'd like to help her out financially, but they're not in a position to do so
Somebody who wavers between hope and fear over superficial things should not be appointed to a management position.

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2. post post

It’s still fun to post letters even though many people send emails instead these days.
Post No Bills.
The lack of modern post facilities caused trouble for many shippers.
According to the Washington Post, between 2000 and 2006, the U.S. government sent $1.3 billion in farm subsidies to people who don't farm.
Knowing my post may help your (already stellar) writing makes me as happy as a flea in a doghouse!
I don't understand how in the world they can take your stuff for safekeeping, but then the post office guy has the nerve to tell you "Sorry, we lost it" and expect that to be the end of it.
exsanguination, all probably post-mortem.
The certificate of employment shall provide information on occupied posts.
podyplomowy, postindustrial)
We sunk the posts as deep into the ground as we could to make sure the fence would withstand the wind.
a police/customs/military post; an observation post
He posted details and photos of his journey on his personal website.
Your opponent’s posts.
It's five o' clock. If you quickly post your letter, it still might make it in time.
It would be appreciated if you also went to the website to post a comment on that sentence, to indicate it doesn't sound natural and should be improved.

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3. vacancy vacancy

There's a vacancy for a software developer in our branch.
There was a vacancy at the company, so Eric thought he would send his resumé to them.
His resignation left a vacancy in the cabinet.
They filled the vacancy by appointment.
Do you have a vacancy?
There are no candidates to fill this vacancy.
There's a vacancy in the accounts department.
There was a rumour that there was a vacancy at the factory; within the hour twenty candidates arrived, asking for the job.
I'd like a room for the night, please. Do you have a vacancy?
There is a vacancy for a tanker driver.
There is a vacancy for a sales representative. Jest wakat na stanowisku przedstawiciela handlowego.
There’s a vacancy in our shipping department, I think you should apply for the job.
Sorry, there is no more vacancy available.
I’ve seen a job vacancy in your department.

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