słownik polsko - angielski

język polski - English

przekąska po angielsku:

1. snack snack

I had instant noodles as a midnight snack.
You can't be hungry. You had a snack a few minutes ago.
Do we have anything I can snack on?
Have a snack!
Returned to the villa, afternoon snack.
A body of researchers funded by Frito-Lay are attempting to compile a list of bite-size snack foods through which the body and blood of Christ can transubstantiate.
My snack is chocolate.
A snack will stay your hunger.
light snack
I often have a snack in the afternoon – something like fruit or a few nuts.
When I get hungry I feel like a snack
The cafe serves drinks, snacks, and meals.
We just had a snack of fruit and biscuits this afternoon, but we’ll have a big dinner tonight.
snack bar
Where can I buy snacks?

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2. starter starter

Would you like a starter?
We had soup as a starter, followed by steak.
I'll have it as starter
I’ll have soup for my starter, please.
The starters were so huge that I had no room left for the main course.
We can offer two different types of soup as a starter.
I'll have soup for the starter
What are you having for the starter?
In Britain, people often have soup for starters, especially in winter.
The starter is chicken soup.
What would you like to order for your starter?
The starter was really good.

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3. appetizer appetizer

Some green olives make a simple appetizer.
This wine should be served chilled as an appetizer.

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4. refreshment refreshment

I took some refreshment and went to bed.
About 50 percent of the firms in Japan have acknowledged the necessity of giving their workers longer holidays, and think summer holidays are needed to give their workers both mental and physical refreshment.

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5. brunch brunch

Tomorrow we’ll go out for brunch.
Let's have brunch in this cafe' round the corner.

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6. have a snack have a snack

You have a snack usually at four foty-five.

7. treat treat

my treat!
Act in such a way that you treat humanity, whether in your own person or in the person of any other, never merely as a means to an end, but always at the same time as an end.
Once you've picked up a stone that you like, take it home as soon as you can and treat it well, because that's the only stone you've got.
Women treat us just as humanity treats its gods. They worship us, and are always bothering us to do something for them.
Some kids start to carry on at a supermarket when they are not allowed to buy some candy or other treat.
Nowadays parents treat their children more as equals than they used to and the child is given more freedom to make his or her own decisions in life.
We dismiss people for talking about themselves but it's the subject they treat best.
I'm Tanaka and I just moved in next door. Please treat me well.
We deserve a treat! A treat is something you buy or do that is extra special and something that you don't normally do.
We don’t have a right to listen to the music we want for free. These things are treats; pleasures; luxuries.
Both parents and some politicians have criticized the rule; which they say treats all young people like criminals.
If you've been working hard and living thriftily for months on end, give yourself a treat: take the night off and go out to dinner and a movie.
It was my mother’s fiftieth birthday, and as a special treat, my dad decided to take the whole family up.

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