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ratować po angielsku:

1. rescue rescue

We must rescue the environment from pollution.
Search and rescue operations began immediately.
My brother is a member of the rescue squad.
The rescue party searched for the missing passengers.
If you were to fall from that bridge, it would be almost impossible to rescue you.
I came near being drowned, trying to rescue a boy.
The rescue workers are going to hand out supplies to the victims of the earthquake.
Your soul needs rescue.
I am only too glad to hear that all of them are safe and sound in the rescue boat.
The rescue flight had to reckon with strong winds and freezing temperatures.
The rescue worker beat the area, looking for the child.
A long time ago, around here, a nice schoolteacher called Matsumoto tried to rescue one of his pupils, but on the contrary he ended up drowning.
Physical strength is an important attribute as far as search and rescue dogs are concerned.
National rescue teams are on standby ready to fly to Japan.
But for his timely rescue, I would have drowned.

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2. save save

Save your breath.
There are mothers and fathers who will lie awake after the children fall asleep and wonder how they'll make the mortgage, or pay their doctor's bills, or save enough for their child's college education.
I like to use frameworks when I program because they save me time on repetitive tasks.
The saved game appears to be damaged and cannot be used. Please quit the game and then restart after removing the save data.
With his crew stranded at sea, Christopher Columbus was able to save them from starvation by pulling 100 rabbits out of his hat.
Imogen of the Internet, in an attempt to save the earth, sketches exclusively in oekaki chatrooms instead of on paper.
If you paint it yellow, you'll kill two birds with one stone: it'll stand out, and you'll save money because you can use paint you already have.
To save the world requires faith and courage: faith in reason, and courage to proclaim what reason shows to be true.
A high household savings rate in Japan is attributed, among other things, to people's desire to save money to buy a home.
Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save.
We can save on translations by giving it to an employee whose mother speaks that language. -- And I suppose you save on the cost of a doctor by seeing someone whose mother had been a doctor?
Zen's latest mission is to save the Earth from ecological destruction at the hands of a plant-destroying madman.
Schools have tried to limit their use by not allowing them to be used in math classes, although they allow them in science lessons to save time.
I'm planning my next vacation. Maybe I'll go to Disneyland with my family and friends. How much should I save for it?
The man that lays his hand upon a woman, save in the way of kindness, is a wretch whom't were gross flattery to name a coward.

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