słownik polsko - angielski

język polski - English

salon po angielsku:

1. living room living room

I'm watching TV in the living room.
What pictures do you have on the wall in your living room?
He walked back into the living room
The sofa is in the living room.
The living room was huge, with an open fire and two large sofas.
This is the living room. It’s quite big and it’s very light.
there is living room
We've got a new fifty-inch TV in our living room!
If visitors come to our house mum invites them to the living room.
Let's go to the living room.
Their living room has a big fireplace.

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2. parlour parlour

a massage/tattoo parlour
a beauty/pizza parlour
putting money into a tattoo parlour run by a new friend
In the words of Dean Acheson, a secretary of state, America could no longer sit “in the parlour with a loaded shotgun, waiting”.

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3. sitting room sitting room

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4. lounge lounge

Passengers are requested to stay in the lounge.
You can't just lounge around like that while everybody else is so busy.
If you get to the hotel before us, just wait in the lounge.
there is lounge
We ate lunch in a coffee lounge.
I know the bartender up at the Air France lounge.
He's waiting for you in the lounge.
to lounge - wylegiwać się, leniuchować
Everyone sleeps in the lounge.
One night a lot of books fell off a shelf in the lounge.
The lounge was a large room with comfortable furniture.
A lounge is a room in a hotel/airport where people can sit and relax.
I really enjoy spending my evenings at our cosy and spacious lounge.
He met her quite by chance as she was coming out of the hotel lounge.
The definition of a lounge is an area in a public place such as a hotel, airport or club, where you can sit, wait and relax.

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5. saloon saloon

The cowboy died in a fight in a saloon.

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6. parlour's parlour's

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7. reception room reception room

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8. living lounge living lounge

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