słownik polsko - angielski

język polski - English

skrócić po angielsku:

1. to shorten

2. take up

I thought I'd take up fishing...
In my defence, all I can say is, you do take up a lot of space.
take up a hobby\sport
take up swimming / take up a career as an actor
Computers used to take up a whole room, and now you can carry one in your pocket.
I'd like to take up Spanish so that I can go to Argentina for a holiday.
Do you know how to take up trousers?
One day I came up an idea that I will take up guitar.
He could take up skateboarding <begin a new activity or hobby>
When people retire, they usually take up a hobby, or a sport of some description, or do some gardening.
Reluctant users slow to take up videoconferncing
Please, you take up my challenge!
He says he's now looking for a woman to take up with.
The CEO would be happy to take up your kind offer.
to take up too much space. the shopping took (up) a lot of time

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3. to abbreviate

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4. to cut short

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