słownik polsko - angielski

język polski - English

sprzatac po angielsku:

1. tidy tidy

You came up with a tidy plan.
someone who is neat or tidy always like to keep things in their right place.
He is such a tidy person. Every pot and pan is in its place.
a place, room etc that is tidy looks nice because everything has been arranged and put in the right place
my desk isn't tidy
Marius is very tidy- his shirts are always ironed.
It wasn't a tidy garden, but more like a forest.
to tidy similar to clear.
We tidy a garden.
We will tidy up our room so that Mom is satisfied.
Their flat is tidy and nicely decorated.
to have a tidy desk
How often do you tidy?
​neat and tidy. Put ​your ​clothes away tidily.
Your room will start to look tidy straight away if you pick your clothes up off the floor.

2. clear up clear up

Today is clear up and tonight will be clear too
If it were raining and i said "it looks as though it will soon clear up" what would i mean?
It’s supposed to clear up tonight. The sky cleared up in the afternoon.
Most colds clear up after a few days.
Could you clear up your room, please?
With the proper treatment, you can expect allergic eczema to clear up within two to three weeks.
Can I clear up one thing before we start?
it will probably clear up in a few days
I definitely think you should clear up the situation.
It finally starts to clear up.

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