słownik polsko - angielski

język polski - English

wieczorem po angielsku:

1. in the evening in the evening

We'll meet in the evening.
Let's meet in the evening.
We; ll meet in the evening.
We watch TV in the evening.
I always have a bath in the evening.
Let´s go to a pub in the evening, after supper.
Do they have dinner in the evening?
Do you often go out in the evening?
I sleep in the evening.
My manager doesn't call me in the evening.
Он приедет вечером|He will come in the evening

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2. evening evening

Good evening.
While cleaning my room yesterday evening, I happened to find an old photograph of my mother.
Evening was drawing near.
Moderate exercise in the evening helps induce sleep.
If I don't go to the supermarket, I won't be able to prepare anything to eat this evening.
The evening performance at the Royal Theater had ended, and the audience had gone home.
Good evening. How many are in your party?
Tom died in the evening of the day he and Mary got married.
If anyone comes in my absence, tell him that I won't come back till evening.
The evening meal is served between 9 and 12.
A dance will be held in the school auditorium this Friday evening from 7:30 to 10:00.
I will come on Wednesday evening unless I hear from you to the contrary.
According to newspaper reports, there was an airplane accident last evening.
You might want to come over and play poker with me and my friends next Friday evening.
The phone number for the Thursday evening phone conference is 415-904-8873.

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3. in evening in evening

4. tonight tonight

Who's working tonight?
I'm dying to see you tonight in any event. Please come over by seven.
The two teams playing tonight are the Yomiuri Giants and the Hanshin Tigers.
Sorry I haven't fixed dinner tonight. I was so tired there was just no way.
Let's hit the town tonight and have some fun.
It's likely to get cold tonight, so you may need an extra blanket.
Tom should go to bed early tonight since he has a test tomorrow.
You have an English test tomorrow, so don't get bogged down in your math homework tonight.
Maybe tonight I'm going to my younger sister's house.
I will see my friends tonight, but my sister won't see hers.
I don't have to study tonight. I think I'll watch television for a while.
Can you make it to our usual place at 7:00 p.m. tonight?
I'll be glued to the TV tonight watching a really exciting program.
We're going to eat a lot tonight so I hope you're not on a diet.
Tonight we're going to church.

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