słownik polsko - angielski

język polski - English

zakłócać po angielsku:

1. disrupt

Protesters tried to disrupt the meeting
I hope your plans haven't been disrupted.
a violent row in Australia which disrupted filming of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.
Please refrain from making posts that disrupt this site's atmosphere.
Pattern analysis shows a high probability's attempting to disrupt secret talks with Gavel.
The leak can disrupt production at this stage.
Heavy snow disrupted travel into the city this morning.
And if they insert in the middle of the gene, they disrupt its function.
And if you disrupt a process you stop it from continuing normally.
Bus services will be disrupted tomorrow because of the bridge closure.
The meeting was disrupted by a group of protesters who shouted and threw fruit at the speaker.
Traffic was disrupted by a hoax bomb
I sometimes get annoyed when other people arrive late and disrupt lessons.
That's why she is trying to change – or disrupt – our current work ethic of working longer and harder
Nobody can disrupt true friendships.

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2. disturb

I'm sorry to disturb you while you're talking.
I hope that the jet lag isn't going to disturb my sleep schedule too much.
Don't disturb me while I'm studying.
May I disturb you just a moment?
You were considerate not to disturb us.
Tom didn't want to disturb Mary so late at night, but it was an emergency.
She pleaded with him not to disturb her.
Will it disturb you if I turn on the TV?
Do not disturb.
Work quietly lest you disturb others.
He keeps quiet so that he won't disturb his father.
Birds disturb the soil.
It will disturb you in your studies.
Nobody can disturb a true friendship.
I don't know why in my dreams, she isn't there. Maybe she doesn't want to be there not to disturb me.

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3. impair

Lack of sleep can seriously impair reactions.
impair the image

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